Welcome and Happy Scrapping!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sample for Work

I don't really get to do many layouts that are more feminine, all boy in my house.  So every once and awhile I get the desire to use a butterfly or glitter or both!  Work needed some sample pages for displays and I played around and came up with this.  It is hard to see but in some of the dandelion puffs, I placed vellum circles that were dots from the hole punch from a previous project.  They just give a bit of dimension but tend to be invisible enough to not really see them, much like a dandelion fluff does.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stamping inks

I have been playing with stamping inks and decided I wanted to try creating a patterned paper design.  I took a piece of cream card stock and just started stamping the different colored inks all over to create a pattern that I liked.  Then embossed the tree on top of the patterned paper.  Matted that on the maroon then found a paper to mat those on.  Took a blank card, found a scrap of darker paper then staamped the card and darker strip with darker stamping inks to compliment the colors under the tree.  Ended up with this card.  Gotta love just going in and playing and figuring out how to do certain techniques.  I think for a first attempt at using stamping inks to create a pattern, it came out ok!  Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indiana Jones

I was going thru our pictures and realized we had so many pictures of the dog and I decided he deserved his own scrapped pages too!  It is an 8x8 layout and I decided to go with a red to make Indi stand out.  Loved playing with the paw prints and wrapping them around the pages.  My son laughed about the "good dog" tag and asked if I was sure Indi deserved a "good dog" and I explained that even though Indi loves to eat toys and electronics, he still has his moments of "good" and we wouldn't trade him for anything! 

Another page

I realized recently that I really, really enjoy doing 8x8!  I only need an hour or two of time and I feel like I have accomplished something.  This layout was from my guys trip to Shea, my little guys first game.  The Mets colors are the orange and blue so wanted to work with those colors and I felt the orange background really made everything else just pop a bit more. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A couple of Cards

Recently made a couple of monogrammed cards for a family member.  Used a couple of different stamps then went in with a paint brush and painted the inks in.  Liked having two different options, spring and fall.  Nothing fancy, just a quick little thank you note.


Decided to start a blog so I can share some of my layouts with my friends and family.  Nothing fancy schmancy but a bit of what I do.  I have started scrapping recently and really enjoy working with paper.  I love the simplicity of paper.  The designs, the colors, the textures and oh, so many options!  Backgrounds, mats, embellished, cut, stamped, the options are limitless and I love that!  I enjoy card making and creating a place for my memories with scrapping and journaling.  Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions (helpful ones!) and have a wonderful day!